Best Skateboard Brands Buyer’s Guide

Best Skateboard Brands Buyer’s Guide

Over the years, skateboard sport has gained popularity, especially amongst teens and youths. Some view it as a dangerous sport that may cause injuries. However, that is not true if you skateboard and perform tricks carefully and also ensuring that your skateboard is in good condition then you will avert these. Having the right skateboard, skateboarding in the right places as well as putting on protection pads prevents injuries from happening. Skateboarding is a good fitness exercise for cardiovascular fitness and your body’s flexibility.

For the safety of every skateboarder, it is a must that you buy the best and right skateboard for the sport and also wear a skating helmet and other protective gear. A standard skateboard has a length of between 30 and 33 inches with a breadth of between 7 and 9 inches while a longboard skateboard has a length of up to 47 inches. These will help you decide on which kind of a skateboard you want depending on where you are going to skateboard.

The love for skateboarding sport has tremendously increased between youngsters who are full of excitement in performing new thrills and trying out new skateboarding tricks and stunts everyday. What you need to do is to push one of your foot with the other one remaining on top of the board. Apart from being a sport that has seen many competitions being organized, you can use your skateboard to move around school, the hood or cover a short distance. However, it is very important that you buy the best and right skateboard for you for your safety and enjoyment of the sport.

What to consider when buying the right skateboard

There are important things you should put into consideration when buying a skateboard to get the right one. Ensure that you carefully select it for your comfort and enjoyment of the sport. These things include:

  • Skateboard Width

This is one of the things you should never ignore when looking for the best skateboard. If you have a height of about 5 feet then a board with a width of 8 inches maximum will be good for you. For those with a height of more than 5 feet then the minimum width will be 8 inches. This will ensure that you have balance and feel comfortable while skateboarding.

Top Skateboard brands.
  • Trucks

The kind of trucks used on the skateboard is also important to consider. They vary in widths and determines how you will skate. Wider trucks shorten turning radius making a landing to be more stable. Thinner trucks make it easy to perform tricks and stunts since they are light. If you plan to slide alongside edges by engaging the trucks and not wheels or decks, then make sure to stick up the main bolt with a grinding surface to avoid troubles.

  • Wheels

The hardness and size of the wheel varies and it is one thing you should not ignore since it determines where you skateboard. A wheel with 55mm size is the smallest and best for street skateboarding or a large and hard wheel of about 55- 65mm size can also do.  If you love complete longboards, then there are specific wheels for them. These longboard wheels are often large and varies in size between 65mm and 100mm to ensure balance and comfort while riding. Longboards are best for cruising and transport purpose. For skating on the bowls, parks and streets by small riders wanting to perform tricks the best size is 50-53mm since they are small and slow. Wheels with a diameter of 54-59mm is best for big riders and beginners skating on the streets, parks vert ramps and bowls. Longboards,downhill, dirt boards and old-school boards have a diameter of 60mm and more making them perfect for rough surfaces and have more speed. These are ideal for pros.

  • Bearings

It is one of the crucial things to put into consideration when buying a skateboard since it determines your riding and how good you can perform tricks. When you stop to push your board, the bearings will keep your wheels spinning. AA bearings are often the slowest. We advise that you buy bearings labeled ABEC 5 OR 7 since they can’t restrict performance. If you are a beginner trying to learn new tricks then do not go for super-fast bearing since it can pose a lot of danger while riding by slipping away.

  • Shape of the deck

The shape of your deck will determine if the skateboard is good for you. One with a mounted curve at the kicktail will be the best choice if you plan to ride and perform tricks on bowls and ramps. Today’s skateboards also have modern graphics that make riding to be more fun.

Where to buy

Once you have decided to buy a skateboard for beginners, it is important to know where to buy from in order to get the best.  Cheap skateboards from stores may not be the best in terms of quality. The best place to get a good skateboard can be an online skateboard shop. Go through several shops and make sure to check on other customers feedbacks before purchasing then order and it will be delivered to you. Some from the stores may have poortrucks and wheels and can break easily. Boards that are priced moderately can be the best. You now know what to look for in a skateboard to find the best hence all you need is to only go and order the kind of skateboard you like.

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