The Benefits of Crate Training

The Benefits of Crate Training

Professional dog trainers and veterinarians have accepted crate training as one of the best, quick and less stressing method of correcting dog-undesired behaviors. Most new dog owners initially avoid crating their dogs because they consider crates being cruel and an unfair way of dealing with dog bad behavior.

What is a dog crate?

A dog crate is also known as a dog cage. It is either a metal, wire, plastic, wooden or fabric enclosure with one or two doors in which you can confine your dog for security or transportation. Dog crates are designed to replicate natural dog cage providing them with the comfort they need and their own place.

A good dog crate should have enough space for the dog to stand up and turn around. To make a crate dog best sanctuary, the crate should be able to fit his small mattress and some toys, which he can play with.

Apart from security, crates provide confinement to housetrain the dog and prevent destructive behavior like chewing seats, etc.

Importance of using a dog crate

Correct and humane use of dog cage has several advantages to both dogs and you the owner.

Benefits enjoyed by you.

  • You can have peace of mind when you leave your dog alone at home. You will have a good time at working or going about your errands resting assured that nothing will be destroyed in the house. Some dogs also can soil your seats.
  • Using crates, you can housetrain your dog very fast using confinement, which encourages control. Confining dog in his cage also prevents accidents at night that can occur when the dog alone without pet caretaker.
  • Crates make it possible to confine your dog when you have guests or children running and playing around the house and this will avoid confusion.
  • The crate makes traveling with your dog safe and you can be assured the dog will adapt to the new surroundings since he will have his favorite toys and blanket inside his crate.

Benefits enjoy by the dog

  • The dog can have his own privacy and place he can retreat when tired after a long stressing, tiresome day.
  • The dog can avoid confusion, anxiety, and fear when you react to them after portraying undesired behavior.
  • Will learn how to control bowels, bladder, and associate going out with relieving themselves.
  • You can keep the dog crate in the living room, therefore, sparing the dog from being lonely and frustrated when left outdoors in the basement.
  • With dog crate, you can conveniently include the dog in family outings and trips to any place.


Dogs are very social animals and they love to play around with anything they come across. It is much better if they remain indoors even when you are at home and asleep, however, to achieve this you need a dog crate. A dog crate is very important because it makes the dog feel part of the family.

If you spend most of your day out, a crate will ensure your dog is safe including the seats and everything in the house. Dog cages also help in avoiding dog bad behavior like barking, digging, chewing, etc.

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