Electric Scooter Safety: 8 Essential Tips for Beginners

Let’s have a candid discussion about electric scooters and your safety. There is no contestation that their popularity has skyrocketed in the last several years. Many people in major cities prefer to use electric scooters due to their numerous advantages. They cut your budget as they don’t require any fuel to power them. Further, you don’t spend time in traffic jams as with scooters, you can find your way past such challenge.

Good that you’re thinking about safety in the road. In fact, it should be your number 1 concern while riding your scooter. In this article, we offer our thought on top electric safety tips to keep you safe on the road

Electric Scooter Riding Tips

  • Wear Standard Protective Gears

Start by wearing a helmet, knee pad, and other protective gear. Ensure that you wear this every time you’re riding your electric scooter. A bike helmet can do the work as long as it fits well in your head.

  • Ride Slow

One tip of staying safe is to ride slowly and avoid any looming danger ahead. Ensure that maintain low speed when in crowded area or near cars. If you’re riding your best electric scooter for commuting, don’t over-speed it simply because you’re late for work. Also, hold your hands firmly on the handle to avoid falling.

  • Brake in Time

In case you got an upcoming obstacle, brake in time to avoid any form of accident. Learn to utilize your emergency brakes so that you can avert incidents.

  • Take Turns Slowly

Take turns slowly around corners as you may easily lose balance and fall. Also, you may hit something or someone in the corner and get injured or injure someone.

  • Don’t ride on busy roads

Avoid rush hours and busy roads. The more the people and car, the more danger you’re exposed to.

  • Avoid Bad Weather

If it raining or there is fog that you cannot see where you’re going, you should just board a bus or train to avoid exposing yourself to dangers.

  • Follow Traffic Rules and Light

There are traffic rules and lights in every town that you need to follow if you’re to stay safe on the road.

  • One Person Only

The e-scooter is designed for a single individual only. Don’t try to circumvent your manufacturer’s advice and ride with a friend or family as this can be dangerous for both you and the passenger.

  • Concentration is Paramount

It is easy for you to lose focus of the environment and the surroundings while you’re riding on your scooter. Avoid losing focus and always direct all your attention on the road to avoid harming other road users.


Before jumping on your scooter, you need to ensure that you know some of the measures that you can take to protect yourself. Riding on a scooter is not dangerous if you adhere to the traffic rules and follow the tips offered. We believe that this article will offer you the needed tips to prevent accidents and reach your destination without accidents.

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