What are the best chainsaw brands

A chainsaw is a very important tool that every homeowner should have because they have various uses. They can be used to cut large chunks of wood into small pieces. For people who live in cold areas and rely on firewood to cook and heat their homes, a chainsaw can be a very useful tool. This portable tool has a high-speed chain rotating along a guide bar. The teeth’s on the chain rapidly move to cut pieces of wood.

One of the most daunting tasks for every buyer is choosing the right chainsaw brand because there are several manufacturers. In this article, we will look at some of the best brands available in the market that are likely to produce the results that you require.

Top chainsaw brands


One of the most recommend powerhouse when it comes to power tool manufacturing is Husqvarna. With over 329 years of equipment manufacturing, this company boasts some of the best reliable household products used worldwide.

Customer satisfaction and intensive research have made Husqvarna a reputable company in power tool manufacturing.

Among their products is a chainsaw. They have various models of chainsaws perfect for everyone either someone looking for chainsaws for firewood cuttingor professional logging in the forest. One of their notable brands is Husqvarna 455 Rancher. This is a perfect tool for a homeowner looking for a powerful long-lasting chainsaw.


Stihl is a company that has been manufacturing only chainsaws for over 90 years now. The company’s core principle is to produce chainsaws that ease how people work. Since the company owner Andreas Stihl made the first chainsaw in 1926, they have forged forward and it is a reputable brand that is recognized worldwide.

Some of the innovations under Stihl name in chainsaw production include the following

  • Centrifugal clutch.
  • System for chain braking.
  • Comfortable chainsaw design
  • Ant-vibration system.
  • Longer air filter life.

All the above innovations have made chainsaws become more durable, safe for use and more powerful in performing all cutting activities. Most of Stihl chainsaws cost under 500 dollars therefore; they are the best for someone looking for a cheap and powerful chainsaw.

Black +Decker

Black+Decker is another reputable company that produces power tools. They have over 100 years producing some of the best outdoor and indoor equipment for use at home. Since Black +Decker was started in 1910, it has been doing intensive research and their innovations have enabled them to produce chainsaws that are very powerful and ergonomically designed.

Some of the amazing and notable features that stand out in their chainsaws include the following:-

  • Chain tensioning system that is tool-less.
  • Automatic oiling system.
  • Lithium-ion battery with a long life.

Their products are not very pricey compared with Husqvarna. One of their products that is loved by most customers is Black+Decker GK1000. Some of the features that customers love in this chainsaw include the following:-

  • A large cutting capacity.
  • Lubricated chain, which minimizes chances of breakage.
  • Metal guards that are rugged to protect the jaws from any damage.
  • Ergonomic design.


When looking for a chainsaw, the price should not be a limiting factor. Some of the best chainsaw brands are quite expensive however; they are worth investing some extra bucks because of their power and safety measures they have. Listed and explained above are the top three chainsaws brands that you should consider when making a purchase.

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